Call for Proposals for Lower Austrian Science Awards 2021

Wissenschaftspreis 2018

The state of Lower Austria presents annual "Achievement" and "Recognition" Awards for outstanding scientific accomplishments. All categories of scientific works can be submitted – the work or project must have been conducted or performed by a Lower-Austrian or have taken place in Lower Austria.

An award can only otherwise be given, when the work strengthens the scientific position of Lower Austria or is of significant interest to Lower Austria.

Submission Period: 1st March – 9th April 2021

Checklist for Submissions

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Executive Summary
  • Scientific Work
  • Optional: additional material

The following prizes will be awarded for outstanding scientific achievements:

  • Two awards for achievement to the amount of € 11.000, -- each
  • Four awards of recognition to the amount of € 4.000, -- each

The science awards 2021 will be granted by the Federal-Government of Lower Austria as recommended by a board of experts.

Achievement Award

This award honours the entire works of a scientist with nationwide acclaim.

Award of Recognition

This award supports scientists whose work has already received some professional acclaim. 

Both awards may be granted to a scientific team or group.

General Requirements for Applicants

An individual applicant or natural person must reside in Lower Austria.

A legal entity or juridical person must either be based in Lower Austria or the scientific work must have taken place there.

An award can only otherwise be given, when the work of the individual scientist or scientific group strengthens the scientific position of Lower Austria or is of significant interest to Lower Austria.

All applications and relevant documents will be considered and evaluated during the judging process by the boards of experts.

Submission Dates: 1st March – 9th April 2021

The online application can be legally authorized by using either a mobile signature or digital signature via a smart card.

If this is not possible, online applications must be supplemented by completing the confirmation of submission form. Please send the signed form to It is not necessary to send documents which have already been submitted electronically.

We also require you to upload a copy of an official identification document.

If an online application is not possible, applications can also be submitted personally (Monday – Friday, 10-12 am) or be sent by post. Please mark all applications and correspondence with the caption “Lower Austrian Science Awards 2021”.

For questions and enquiries regarding applications, please contact:

Office of the Federal Government of Lower Austria
Department for Science and Research
Landhausplatz 1, House 2, Room 2.213
3109 St. Pölten

Application Papers

We require the following documents:

  1. Online Application (or a cover letter including):

    - First and family name or the name of the scientific team/group
    - Date of birth
    - Profession
    - Address
    - E-mail address
    - Bank account details
    - a short statement regarding residence or work in Lower Austria
    - Statement of Motivation
  2. Curriculum Vitae - the applicant`s scientific career should be evident and include publications and
  3.  A summary of the aims, activities and results of the submitted work. This executive summary should be
    no longer than a standard A4-sheet.
  4. The submitted work in manuscript or book form – the work should not have been completed or published before 2016.
  5. Additional information that offers more insight into the scientific work may also be submitted.

The Award Ceremony
The presentation of the Achievement Awards and the Awards of Recognition 2021 takes place as part of the Science Gala in autumn 2021.

A written application is not an essential requirement for being bestowed an award. The boards of experts are permitted to recommend scientists or groups of scientists as recipients of an award even when no application papers, or incomplete applications, have been submitted.

Manuscripts and documents will be returned by post where applicable. The Lower Austrian Government accepts no liability for loss or damage to submitted works incurred in this process.

The candidate must be author of the submitted work and owner of the copyright under the valid copyright law in Austria (§ 10/1, BGBI. Nr. 111/1936). The submission of an application automatically constitutes consent for the Lower Austrian authorities to display an award-winning work at the award ceremony or other appropriate events.

Furthermore, submission of an application automatically permits:

  • The name of the award winner, the award-winning work and the amount of the prize-money to be
    published in the annual “Science Report” and “Cultural Report” and to appear on the homepage and other appropriate media belonging to the Lower Austrian government.
  • Automated data processing
  • The data of the award-winning person(s) to be recorded in the transparency reports and database

The data of the award-winning person(s) can be used for reporting purposes as well as to promote the scientific landscape and communities in Lower Austria in diverse media as permitted by the current Data-Protection-Law. For further information see: Data Protection

Owner and publisher: Office of the Federal Government of Lower Austria, Department of Science and Research

Data Protection:

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