Kindergarten - commissioning procedure


The structurally completed kindergarten or kindergarten group may only be put into operation with the approval of the state government.

Before commissioning the new building/premises.

Negotiation costs / commission fee:

€ 13.80 per ½ hour and member of the commission

Eingabegebühr und Verwaltungsabgabe gemäß Gebührengesetz 1957, BGBl. Nr. 267/1957 i.d.g.F; NÖ Landes-Verwaltungsabgabenverordnung 2001, LGBl. 3800/1 i.d.g.F.

§ 14 NÖ Kindergartengesetz 2006, LGBl. 5060 in der geltenden Fassung

After the completion of the new kindergarten premises / the new kindergarten building, the kindergarten operator has to notify the operation (approximately 5 weeks beforehand).

An on-site inspection is carried out to check whether the required and completed rooms, buildings and other properties comply with the provisions of the NÖ Kindergartengesetz 2006 and have been implemented in accordance with the approved submission plan.

The commissioning is then noted in writing.

  • request (Antrag)
  • the required and completed rooms, buildings and other real estate must comply with the provisions of the NÖ Kindergartengesetz 2006 and have been constructed according to the approved submission plan
  • The necessary elementary teachers and child carers must be provided

Electronic application possible by e-mail

Amt der NÖ Landesregierung, Abteilung Kindergärten
3109 St.Pölten, Landhausplatz 1 
Telefon 0043 (0)2742 9005 DW 13238 

Authentication or signature of the application is not required.

An appeal is possible against rulings issued by an authority and shall be filed by the party within a four weeks term with the authority that issued the ruling of first instance (against rulings without investigation procedure within a two weeks term). The term starts with the receipt of the written copy of the ruling, in the case of oral pronouncement simultaneously with it. 

The appeal shall indicate the ruling it contests, the authority that issued the ruling and contain a motion of appeal with the reasons. No more appeal is admissible if the party expressly waived the right of appeal after receipt or pronouncement of the ruling. 

Each ruling contains instructions on the right to appeal and indicates the authority and the deadline for submission of such appeal.


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