Convalescent homes - operating approval


Convalescent homes, which serve the purpose of using natural mineral springs, require the approval of the regional administrative authority for commissioning.

An approval to operate a convalescent home shall be given, if:

  • there is a natural mineral spring or the evidence of the presence of the right climatic factors
  • the property or other rights of the applicant for the use of the facility are intended for convalescent homes are demonstrated
  • the required permits for using certain buildings as convalescent homes are already available
  • the required technical equipment and medical instruments are already available and, if the facilities and the medical instruments comply with the safety requirements
  • medical treatment is available during the treatments, if an emergency occurs
  • a proper and sufficient supply of drinking water as well as the disposal of solid and liquid waste is proven
  • the presence of a sufficient number of treatment personnel with the required professional qualification is available

There is no time limit existing for this request.             

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