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General information about the political system of Lower Austria

The political head of Niederösterreich is the 'Landeshauptmann / Landeshauptfrau' (governor). He/She is appointed by the Landtag (provincial parliament) and represents the province externally. He/She is also the head of the provincial government and together with it, forms the highest executive body in matters of provincial administration.

The legislative body is the Landtag (provincial parliament). It is elected afresh every five years by the voters of the province. The political process in Niederösterreich is determined by political parties which are represented in the Landtag in proportion to the number of votes they win.

Politics in Niederösterreich has for decades been determined by the 'Österreichische Volkspartei' (ÖVP) or Austrian People's Party, which is a conservative party of Christian Socialist type. As the most powerful force, it also provides the regions' president. This post has been filled since April 2017 by Mag.a Johanna Mikl-Leitner.
Other groups in the provincial parliament are the 'Sozial-Demokratische Partei' (SPÖ) or Social-Democratic Party, 'Die Grünen' (G) or Green Party, 'Die Freiheitlichen' (FPÖ) or Freedom Party and 'Team Niederösterreich'.

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