ecoplus. The Business Agency of Lower Austria

As the business agency of the province of Lower Austria, ecoplus´s mission is to further extend Lower Austria's attractiveness as a commercial and technology destination.

ecoplus is set up in three divisions:

- Business Locations & Services
- Projects & Initiatives
- Companies & Technology

Business Locations & Services:

Investor Services
ecoplus supports and accompanies businesses from the first point of contact up until successful settlement or company expansion across Lower Austria. Guidance is offered in the selection of location and dealings with authorities, institutions and business partners, banks, attorneys and tax consultants. In addition, ecoplus is a valuable source of in-depth information about the business location of Lower Austria, including grant and financing opportunities, transportation and logistics infrastructure, educational institutions, R&D activities, technology and start-up centers, the labor market and much more.
For specific location searches, a huge database aids in locating business parks, office space, industrial areas and commercial properties throughout Lower Austria. In the past ten years around 870 companies have used ecoplus' services in settling or expanding in Lower Austria, resulting in more than 19,800 new or sustained existing jobs.

Mr. Martin Fassl

Business Parks
ecoplus operates seventeen business parks as owner or partner (8 owned by ecoplus, 9 holdings) and actuates 4 technology centers (holdings). With a combined total area of 990 hectares, ecoplus business parks feature ideal infrastructure and generous commercial space. These state-of-the-art business parks may be found in all parts of Lower Austria, they offer cutting edge infrastructure and ideal access to means of transportation. One special ecoplus business parks service are tailored solutions for the purchase, lease or construction of custom-built rental properties. These rental properties are designed and managed in accordance with the specific needs and requirements of their individual tenants. Approximately 88 Austrian and international companies with around 20,300 employees are now located in these 17 business parks.

Mr. Peter Wondra

Projects & Initiatives

Regional Support

The ecoplus regional support program provides services tailored to the individual needs of project backers. ecoplus assists projects characterized by sustainability and innovation. Projects supported are anchored in and connected to the regions. They utilize regional resources, resulting in both added value and the creation and safeguarding of jobs in the regions. Since 1987 around € 1.170 million have been used to support more than 2,560 projects, and 15,000 jobs have been created or safeguarded in the regions. The range of financial support for ecoplus initiative projects spans from the realization of regional technology and research centers to the development of commercial and industrial zones, and extends to the expansion of both the bicycle path network and winter sports offer for tourists.
Other areas of focus include the promotion of Lower Austria as a trade fair location and the support of nature, cultural and theme parks.

Mr. Werner Bauer

EU Regional Support

In the first programme's period 1995 - 1999, 175 regional support projects were co-financed by the EU (Objective 2 projects, Objective 5b projects, LEADER II, INTERREG II) with a sum of 18 million EUR. In the  programme period 2000-2006, there were a total of 462 regional assistance projects co-financed by the EU within the framework of the follow-up programmes (Objective 2, LEADER+, INTERREG III). In total, 72 million EUR in EU co-financing means were utilized.
With Austria‘s accession to the EU, ecoplus was able to achieve the integration of its regional assistance program in the then current EU structural funds programs and thus win additional co-financing means for Lower Austria. The extension of Regional Support for the years 2014 - 2020 was approved by the Lower Austrian provincial government in 2011. In addition, over € 29 million in financial support will continue to be made available each year. Together with the remaining funding support to be provided by the EU, Lower Austria's regions will have an additional € 250 million at their disposal.

Mr. Helmut Heinisch

Companies & Technology

Clusters in Lower Austria

Since 2001, ecoplus has initiated clusters in fields which are of great significance to the future economic development of Lower Austria. They encourage collaboration on innovative intercompany projects and increase value added for the Lower Austrian economy and position Lower Austrian businesses in a global context. ecoplus currently manages cluster initiatives supporting Green Building, Plastics, Food and Mechatronics. In addition the Lower Austrian E-mobility Initiative has been set-up. The ecoplus cluster teams support companies in the realization of their projects and ideas, broker cooperation partners, accompany projects to completion and form the interface to R&D facilities as well as to the public sector.

Mr. Stefan Liebert

The aim of ecoplus International is to support Lower Austrian companies, and in particular small and medium-sized businesses, in their  internationalization efforts in the acceding countries. ecoplus International establishes and promotes cross border contact and networks and provides professional advice and support on site: There are Business agencies in Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Timisoara and Katowice as well as initiatives in Russia and Turkey.

Mrs. Gabriele Forgues

Technopols are centers of technology and business which are purposefully established in direct proximity to recognized educational and research facilities. The Lower Austria Technopol Program is leading the way through its pioneering bundling of education, research and business. Internationally acclaimed research activities are currently being carried out at each of the four Technopol locations in Lower Austria: health technology at Technopol Krems; natural resources and biobased technology at Technopol Tulln; medical and materials technology at Technopol Wiener Neustadt and bioenergy, agricultural and food technology at Technopol Wieselburg.
Since 2004 ecoplus has been entrusted with the implementation of the Lower Austria Technopol Program.

Mr. Claus Zeppelzauer

ecoplus' status as a private corporation ensures the speed and flexibility of your business needs. Our years of experience and team of highly qualified experts guarantees the service you expect.

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