Waldviertel - Regional development as chance management

In the past 2 decades, the regional management has been able to implement a host of projects through the targeted support of initiatives

'It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness' 

When it comes to the management of the Waldviertel, we adopted this saying as our motto right from the outset, and have allowed it to guide our activities.
Starting from a strongly cross-regional, cross-party movement, two regional managers were appointed in 1982, after the establishment of the Waldviertel plan, which is a development strategy for the region.
In the past 2 decades, this regional management has been able to implement a host of projects through the targeted support of initiatives.
The focal point of the work has been, and still is, the promotion of co-operation projects such as:

  • the association for special crops and animal husbandry: 1,000 farmers produce jointly in accordance with uniform guidelines and market their goods under the umbrella brand name 'Waldland'  (forest country)
  • in the tourism sector, all the forces important for tourism have been brought together into a working platform.

There have also been many other co-operation projects in all kinds of areas.

As from 1993, the 'Waldviertel Telehaus' has been set up with the major objective of marketing regional products and services more effectively and above all jointly.
Thanks to the preliminary work and the meteoric development in telematics, work in this area has made huge strides, because this was identified as an important opportunity for economic development. As a result of development into a telematic model region, there has been further work on the processing of regional material. With the use of new technologies, a new phase is due to be embarked upon in the field of regional development.

Regional Management of the Waldviertel:
Mag. Ursula POINDL
Am Statzenberg 1, 3910 Zwettl
Tel.: +43 2822 9025 20213
E-Mail: rm-waldviertel@noel.gv.at 

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