Lower Austria as Business Location at the Center of Europe

Lower Austria - an attractive business location  

Lower Austria - Austria's biggest province - is among today's top European business locations. Its geographic location alone is a bonus: Vienna at its center and the high-growth markets of Central and Eastern Europe at its doorstep. Thanks to its political stability, dynamic growth, openness to investment, and the absence of bureaucratic red tape, Lower Austria is the land of ideas and their realization.
The Lower Austrian economic region has a stable foundation. The number of new companies being established and located in Lower Austria has remained constant over many years. The Lower Austrian economy is growing faster than in Austria as a whole. With its exemplary technology drive and constantly growing exports, Lower Austria has positioned itself at the heart of the new Europe and is open to the up-and-coming markets to the East. The overall aim of economic strategy is to enhance the appeal of Lower Austria in the long term as an attractive business location.

Representative economic data shows that Lower Austria has above average growth. More companies are being founded in or moving to Lower Austria, especially international companies. Innovative strategies for up-and-coming sectors, significant investment in state-of-the-art education and transportation infrastructure, and excellent business parameters are guiding Lower Austria toward a future with the highest quality of life.

Lower Austria is also a part of the Vienna Region - comprising the Austrian provinces Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland - now among Europe's most robust economic regions. In the Vienna Region, the most dynamic sector is high-tech, with focus on the life sciences, information and communication technology, automotive, renewable energy and environmental technology.

Lower Austria also offers unparalleled quality of life. Its geographical landscape offers unlimited possibilities for recreation and relaxation. And its cultural landscape is just as rich and varied, and receives generous public support and encouragement. All these factors make for an ideal business location: this is the Lower Austrian way.

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