Job market

The Lower Austrian Job market is handled by the federal ministry. In numbers of employment it represents the average of Austria.

At present, some 525,000 people are employed in Lower Austria. At the beginning of 2013 the unemployment rate (national calculation method) stood at nearly 10 %, which comes close to the Austrian average.

Public representation of the interests of all workers and employees vis-à-vis the federation, the province and the economy is handled by the Chamber of Labour. It is designed to provide every individual worker with information and advice, in particular in legal affairs.

The co-ordination and organisation of the labour market policy is handled by the federal ministry. The Federal Labour Market Service (AMS) issues directives which are applied by its 23 regional branches with due regard to regional developments and specific features at the provincial level. In addition, the province of Lower Austria also pursues active labour market policies. In 1999, the province of Lower Austria concluded the 'Territorial Employment Pact for Lower Austria with the Federation for the sake of the co-ordination of employment, education and arbitration measures for the disadvantaged groups in the labour market.

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