City of Zwettl

The town of Zwettl is the geographical centre of the district "Waldviertel"

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The borough of Zwettl has an area of 256 square kilometres since the 1970/71 amalgamation; it consists of 61 rating districts, making it the third-largest borough in terms of area, after Vienna and Wolfsburg in Carinthia, and the seventh-largest community in Austria. According to the results of the latest census in 1991, the population is 11,427; of these, 3,990 live in the town and the remainders in the outlying communities.

Today, Zwettl is the regional capital, the seat of the district commission and the local court, as well as various other federal agencies. Because of its central location, the town of Zwettl is the geographical centre of the Waldviertel. Alongside an extensive selection of schools and social facilities - including a hospital, homes for the elderly and information centres - Zwettl also boasts a whole range of sporting, recreational and leisure opportunities.

Zwettl is famous for its cultural points of interest, above all, the Zwettl Cistercian foundation, founded in 1138, the idyllically located baroque castle of Rosenau with its Museum of Freemasonry and the world's only Museum of Medical Meteorology at Dürnhof.

Finally, the fountain in the main square is worth mentioning, as it was designed by the famous Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Together with the Town Museum and the 'Zwettler' beer brewed in Zwettl, the 'Hundertwasser fountain' is one of the emblems of Zwettl.

But Zwettl also enjoys a very good reputation as a shopping town. Alongside the rich array of stores, the downtown area of Zwettl also offers another bonus: a car park open all year round, with 330 free spaces that guarantee a comfortable, stress-free search for a parking place.

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