Lower Austrian Chamber of Labour (AKNÖ)

The Chamber of Labour represents the interests of 450.000 employees and consumers in Lower Austria.

The Logo of the Chamber of Labour

The Chamber of Labour offers a wide range of services to their members. The Chambers' experts provide information and advice on different issues such as labour law, social insurance, tax law, women's and family policy, worker protection, the protection of apprentices and young workers, unemployment insurance and consumer protection. In labour-law disputes between employees and employers the Chamber provides legal assistance ranging from oral or written interventions with employers to free representation of employees before the Labour and Social Tribunals.Twenty-one local offices and three service bases across Lower Austria guarantee a rapid response.The Chamber of Labour closely co-operates with the other Austrian Social Partners. The Chamber evaluates draft legislation from the point of view of employees' interests, make proposals for amendments and are subsequently involved in the implementation of these laws.

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Chamber of Labour of Lower Austria
Windmühlgasse 28, 1060 Wien
Tel.: +43/ 1/58883-0, Fax: +43/ 1/58883-1777
Hotline: 05 7171
E-mail: mailbox@aknoe.at

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