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environmental factors


Many inhabitants of Lower Austria feel bothered by smells of indistrial or agricultural sites. The expertise of odours is comple and costly. Some details about the evaluation of odeurs are shown in the information sheet in the download.


Intensive exposition to UV-radiotion may lead to skin diseases. Übermäßige Einwirkung von UV-Strahlen kann zu Hauterkrankungen führen. Each sunburn raises the risk for skin cancer. The lenses of our eyes shoul also be proteced against sunlight, especially for children.

Clothes usually protect form intensive sunlight, but it is not shure! Whether it protects sufficiently or not can be seen in the der ÖNORM EN 13758 . Part 1 of this regulation regulates the testdisigns for clothtextiles. In the second part conditions for labelling are defined, which is foreseen for the protection of the user against sunlight..

Further informations about the protection against UV-radiation can be found in the information sheet at the downloads.

wheather and climate

There is evidenz that we have to cope with heat periods within the next  150 years. Therefore also in our european regions measures have to be installed to adopt our habits as they are uses in every day life in the suthern regions. 

especially riskgroups  (children, seniors and persons with chronic diseases) should keep in mind the following precautions:

  • enough hydration (drink at least 3 liters per day)
  • air the rooms iin the cooler mornig and evening hours
  • avoid havy works during the hot noon- and afternoon hours
  • sun protection and heat protection outside (cap or hut, umbrella) sun cream and sunglasses
  • consultation of the primary doctor in the case of complaints

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